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"Feel the Fear and go for it anyway."

      I found myself in this unending loop of suffering, where I superficially connected with everyone, but felt abandonded and alone when “I was really me.” I decided to take my mom up on her offer to attend an Education for Living Seminar weekend, after those three days the light had been switched on and there was no turning it off. As I moved through the subsequent levels,

I began looking closer at my own self-imposed limitations and challenging myself to make different choices than those that had become my habitual way of moving through life. As I volunteered to staff these seminars, I began to unravel the core beliefs I held about myself, my fears of being less than and unworthy, and connecting the observation that hurt people - hurt people (and themselves). Most of all I realized that I was not operating at my full potential. I was holding myself small in order to blend in, and then punishing myself for holding myself back... over, and over, and over again.



"The only way out, is through."

I decided to join a group of graduates and staff to study with Alan Sieler of the New Field Institute, for an 18 month in depth ontological coaching certification course. This in depth study, allowed me the opportunity to further dive into the “why” of my own beliefs, assessments, moods, and become more active in practicing choice in how I wanted to show up in the world. Most importantly, I begin using my personal learning as a way of supporting others in alleviating their suffering (no matter how big or small) through conversations for exploration, possibility, and action..or coaching conversations.


I believe that we all (yes you) possess an expansive ability to adapt, learn and grow. Sometimes we allow stuff (like fear) to get in our way, whether or not we realize it at the time, from the life that we really want to be living. Coaching conversations allow us the space to look at what is not working for us, why it no longer works for us. From these observations, we begin to form a vision for what we really want, and begin to practice making deliberate choices in supporting ourselves in embodying that vision. I have found peace in accepting that the only person I have choice about is myself. Using the tools in the domains of mood, language, and body have challenged me to face my own fears and limiting beliefs and voice concerns and requests detached from the emotional heaviness they once had. Every coaching conversation that I engage in generates just as much learning for me as it does for the creative that I have the pleasure of working with.







The learnings I have made in coaching have helped me to return, with renewed confidence and ambition, to my own creative practice of graphic design, custom signage, and murals. Exploring my mood spaces, habitual ways of being and limiting beliefs have allowed me to see possibilities for my work and my career, that never existed before for me… because I was literally blind to their existence. My conversations are different, because I have access to making requests in a different way, and I have become more practiced in leading with my concerns. As a result of all of this, connections with people in my community have grown and blossomed in a deeply rooted and real way for me.. and these connections have presented opportunities for my creative practice and business to grow in a way that works for me.


When I look at where I was 5 years ago, that me would never have guessed that I’d be where I am today. That’s the power of facing yourself, of looking at all of it, and realizing that you have the power to choose..for you. That’s why I coach creatives, to help you remember that your power was with you all along. It all starts when you make the choice, then a small practice develops into a daily awareness of creating a world that works for you, think of it as a creative fluidity of living. So... What are you waiting for? Click here to schedule a FREE chat with me and together we can begin to explore what creative coaching can do for you!

"Great things are done by a series of small things, brought together."

-Vincent Van Gough

"The best way to predict you future, is to create it."

-Dr. Joe Dispenza


  • Accredited Ontological Coach (2020)

  • Reiki Level 1and 2 Practitioner (2019)

  • BFA Loyola University of New Orleans (2009)


  • ACA Healthy Artist Presenter (2020)

  • SLAMMED!!! Juried Art Show Contributor (2021)

  • Education for Living Volunteer Staff (2017-2019)

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