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Now Available for Online Coaching



“I help creatives explore what is holding them back, so they can conquer fears, take effective action and live authentically.”


Marie Kimball is an accredited ontological coach and Creative (Re) Designer. 

Her professional background is in Graphic Design,

with a growing practice of custom painting

emerging via signage and murals. 


She is well versed in recognizing the language of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. She has experienced high anxiety, procrastination, lack of motivation, and being uncomfortable accepting praise for amazing work.


She has battled with creative burnout, and realized that creativity is more than just the job we do or the art we create. Creativity is how we solve problems, seeing the possible in the impossible and remembering that we are badass enough to make it happen.

It all starts with a choice.

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Innovators are excited about the results of their coaching experience.

" I reached out to Marie because she understands how creative people think.

I was stuck - I had been all around a creative problem and kept coming back to the same place and was frustrated with myself. Marie asked the right questions at the right times, and that shifted my thinking. It helped me see how I was getting in my own way and opened up new possibilities for me and now I see a way to move forward. Thanks, Marie!"


"Marie makes me feel very comfortable and I think runs her sessions in an organized fashion. She is very generous with her time and takes great care to offer a comfortable space to access deep self-reflection."


How Can I Support You?

  • Personalized conversations to explore & energize the creative practice

    1 hr 30 min
    Schedule a chat.
  • A Three Month Personalized Program.

    Schedule a chat.
  • Exploring the way we show up in our creative practice with momentum.

    1 hr
    Schedule a chat.
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